China Business 101: China Brand Localization

Localizing Your Brand in China the Smart Way.


China Business 101: The Art of Chinese Business Negotiations

Business in China: Understanding the Underlying Culture

How does Chinese culture shape business negotiations? What are the cultural differences encountered with Chinese business partners? A certain business-etiquettte is key for successful negotiatoins. In this article, we delve into the influential role of key concepts and characteristics within Chinese culture, illustrating their practical application in real-life business scenarios.

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Brand Crisis Management in China

Difficult geopolitical landscapes: Risks for international brands in China

What are the risks that international companies face regarding their brand in the Chinese market? And how are global brands perceived in connection with China on international markets? We’re exploring these questions in our current article on brand crises in China.

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China Internet Buzzwords

Business in China: A look into Chinese trending terms

Understanding the intricacies of the China marketplace requires a deep dive into Chinese culture and trends. Emerging internet buzzwords are a trend that is worth watching. It allows us to comprehend the attitudes and behaviors of young Chinese generations as they move forward with their lives. At the same time, it allows businesses in China to gain an understanding of Chinese consumers and society.

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China’s Growing Pet Industry

The burgeoning expansion of China’s pet market has led to double-digit growth rates. What trends are shaping the Chinese pet industry today? What pet products are popular among Chinese consumers?

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Corporate Social Responsibility of International Business in China

In today’s global business landscape, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than a buzzword – it’s a key driver of success and sustainability.

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China Business 101: Decision Making Processes in Chinese Management

Cultural disparities inherently lead to distinct business approaches between China and Western countries. Understanding these differences equips us with valuable knowledge that can directly translate into more efficient cooperation with Chinese partners.

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China Germany International Project Management

Managing international projects between China and Germany brings with it many special challenges rooted in cultural differences.

What are these challenges and how to deal with them?


The Importance of Chinese Brand Naming

Having a Chinese brand name is crucial for businesses that aim to establish a presence in China or other Mandarin-speaking markets. While maintaining the original name may work in some countries, in China, having a Chinese brand name brings several critical benefits that can determine a company’s success or failure in the Chinese market.


Chinese Social Commerce

An introduction to Social Commerce in China.


Post-pandemic consumer trends on Xiaohongshu

As China enters the post-pandemic era, the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior persists, as evidenced by recent reports on consumer trends on Xiaohongshu.


Chinese social media explained: 小红书 “Little Red Book”

A look at the popular app, which combines social media and e-commerce.


China’s Outdoor Sports Industry Development Plan

Which industries are on the rise in China?

Outdoor sports have enjoyed growing popularity over the past couple of years in China.


Diversity und “Schubladen überwinden”: China und Inspirationen für die interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit – Workshop

Dieser Workshop von Marianne Friese und Anja Ketels fokussiert sich auf China und bietet Denkanstöße und Inspirationen, um die eigenen „Schubladen“ zu überwinden und interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit erfolgreich zu gestalten.


Lianghui – Two Sessions — China Snap-Shot

A detailed look on the 13th National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, held in 2020.


Digital RMB – DC/EP – A new digital currency for China? Economic Impact of COVID-19 – Special Snap-Shot

Detailed information about the new digital currency being implemented in China starting in April/May 2020.


Medical Monitoring and Border Closing China pulls ahead with strong measures – Special Snap-Shot

China pulls ahead with strong measures – Special Snap-Shot.

To enter an apartment complex or office space, people must first have their health code scanned.





Panda-Huggers and Dragon-Fighters – Tips and Tricks for Professional Communication in China

In China, the language for any communications is Chinese. Even if some media are published in English, the lion’s share of online and offline information is published in simplified Chinese characters.


Brand Names in China – A Wild Type

Die Marianne Friese Consulting GmbH (MFC) hat sich mit dem Naming und Branding von deutschen Produkten in China bereits einen Namen gemacht. Jetzt haben auch Jägermeister und Tannenzäpfle chinesische Namen.


TV in China

Having provided quality market analysis and recommendations to TV companies such as Constantin and Plazamedia in the past, MFC is in an excellent position to connect with TV institutions at the highest levels.

In this insight, the structure and TV market of China in the year 2007 is analysed.


Marketing and Communication in China: Hot and loud!

The literal translation of the Chinese expression “Re Nao” is “hot and loud” – according to Marianne Friese, this is what marketing has to be in China.