Executive Coaching

Dealing with the Obvious and the Surprises

“Cha-bu-duo” is one of the most common misunderstandings between Chinese and Westerners. For many Chinese, “cha-bu-duo” means a pretty much perfect result, while Westerners might see it differently. Conceptually translated it means: only a little bit is missing. But while something “missing” may be acceptable to one group of professionals, it may be devastating to others. On the other hand, what may be considered a great event or clever design in your home country will not necessarily produce the same result in China. Marianne Friese has over 15 years of on-the-ground managerial experience in Asia and helps seasoned, successful professionals in this region to deliver great results. Such individual support is highly personalized and confidential. Project-related or ongoing counseling is tailored to specific assignments and needs.

Client Feedback

Marianne is an inspiration, a guide and a challenger

I worked with Marianne for 4 years in 2 functions as Regional Marketing Director APAC for a Fortune 500 company and thereafter as founder and Executive Director of a regional consultancy specializing in market entry for consumer goods companies.

Throughout this process Marianne proved to have not only a profound understanding of big company processes and politics but an equally good understanding of hands-on necessities when it comes to start-up a business. Additionally, I really appreciated a lot her understanding of both, Western and Asian cultures, and big cooperation’s as well as SME’s / own businesses.

With that, Marianne supported me a great deal in maneuvering challenges, winning new business and reflecting on my own business strategy. I always valued her ability to distil issues to their very core.

In addition, a few times I worked with Marianne to develop my own personal and professional annual plan, after going deep and getting a clear understanding what it is I really want to focus on. Marianne has been an inspiration, a guide and a challenger throughout the years, guiding and at times gently nudging me to where I wanted to go, and I am very grateful for that.