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MFC has an unmatched track record supporting clients from multiple industries with a wide range of tasks and assignments.

Solving problems requires insight into local scenarios. This is what our clients value. This is what enables us to deliver great results.

In preparation for the launch of Jägermeister in China, MFC was commissioned by Mast-Jägermeister to develop a Chinese name for the brand. Based on audience research and focus group feedback, several well-suited brand names were developed. All name creations were supported by extensive feedback, ranging from the choice of characters, possible negative associations, sound and meaning of the names in different Chinese dialects to a final recommendation. MFC was an excellent partner and the professional project team delivered the best possible result based on clear insights. We are now establishing the Jägermeister brand in China and are confident that our Chinese brand name perfectly communicates the essence of our brand and image to Chinese consumers. MFC fulfilled our mission 100% and it was a pleasure to work with them.
David Bell
Regional Director Asia Pacific Region
Mast-Jägermeister AG
Now that the tour has come and gone and with a very successful result, I would like to take a moment and again thank you and your team behind the scenes (and sometimes in front J) for the job well done. The companies and representatives met and connections made were absolutely fitting and made a real impression on all participants especially the executive board members. This also could be seen during the final session with very clear statements and tasks which we will now develop further.

Carsten Hess

Strategy & Business Development | Vice President
Porsche (China) Motors Limited
It was a real pleasure to work with MFC. I hope it wasn’t the last time!
Garry Yadroshnikov
Tainyi Sovetnik

Deputy Director
Baltika Breweries
We were pleasantly surprised by the structure and traceability with which the Chinese names were developed for our companies, even over the distance between Germany and China. Everything that MFC worked out in terms of results and how the connotations of the different name suggestions were explained to non-Chinese speakers had hand and foot. We felt very well advised!

Christoph Schachtner
Betula / Papillio / Birko

The support of MF Consulting was excellent not only in terms of content but also organizationally. The coordination went smoothly and MF Consulting was a reliable partner in the preparation of our press contacts in China on the occasion of our official joint venture opening. The very good local networking of MF Consulting has allowed us to select exactly the “right” discussion partners and prepare them accordingly.
Andrea Bleesen
Head of Investor & Public Relations
Deutz – Reporting on China activities in German media  
I would like to thank you and the whole team for your outstanding performance at CeBIT Asia. The quality and quantity of the PR contacts was excellent, the PR materials were professionally and purposefully elaborated and the support at the exhibition stand was priceless. The appearance of the “Engel” hostesses was excellent and made it possible to stand out positively from the other exhibitors. We would be very pleased about a renewed cooperation with MF Consulting.
Mark Currell
Commercial Director
Exradia Brand / Product Launch
Thank you very much for your detailed “maneuver view”. Not least against the background of your workshop, which was so informative for us, I had a real “aha experience” at one point or another.
Ralf Boehlhoff
Festo AG & Co. KG
The MFC agency has been supporting the Freudenberg Group’s communications in China for a year now. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the Chinese market and our good contacts with the press and their targeted approach, we have already achieved good results. We appreciate MFC’s exceptionally professional support with its eye for detail and the far above-average personal commitment of its employees. We look forward to a long-term cooperation that continues to be characterized by deep trust.
Cornelia Buchta-Noack
Head of Corporate Communications
Freudenberg Group – Press Relations
Your team provided highly professional advice ranging from the detailed project planning all the way to analysis and evaluation of the different names.
Stefanie Wustmann
Head of Marketing
The Heraeus Business Unit for Photovoltaics would like to thank you very much for your work. In particular, we would like to thank you for your pioneering support in developing and selecting a successful advertising campaign for our silver metalization paste in the Chinese market. We would also like to thank you for significantly improving our Chinese ad translation.
David McMullen
Marketing and Business Development
Heraeus – China-Website / Employer Branding / Crisis handling and advertising consulting
We were very impressed by the way the Chinese brand names for our companies Betula, Papillio and Birko were developed in such a well-structured and transparent way, narrowing the gap between Germany and China. The results delivered by MFC were solid and the explanations for name choice connotations for non-Chinese speakers were very well founded. We felt very well advised throughout! Many Thanks!
Christoph Schachtner
General Manager
Betula, Papillio, Birko Germany
I would like to thank MFC very much for supporting our HP Catalyst Summit in Beijing. Already in advance, the strategic preparation by MF Consulting enabled us to set the right course for the local adaptation of our event. The cooperation with the entire team was excellent and the multilingual handling of crucial logistical processes on site was invaluable to us. From the organization to the implementation of our multi-day event, MFC has done a great job, has also proven to be an excellent partner HP and ISTE and thus contributed significantly to the success of our event.
Jeannette Weisschuh
Director of Education Strategy
HP Global Sustainability & Social Innovation
All in all, once again a heartfelt thank you for the great cooperation. The excellent support of MFC has contributed a lot to making the Future Dialogue a successful event. With MFC, it was possible to adapt a global concept to local conditions.
Stephan Volmer
Corporate Communications and
Government Affairs Issue Management
Siemens – World Expo Shanghai 2010 & Future Dialogue


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