Chinese social media explained: 小红书 “Little Red Book”


A look at the popular app, which combines social media and e-commerce.

1. What is 小红书? ?

小红书 (Xiǎo hóng shū) “Little Red Book” or “Red” is a Chinese social media and e-commerce app. The platform in many respects resembles Instagram. Users share photos and videos of their everyday lives, their purchases, or places that they visit.

2. Who are the users of “Little Red Book”? ??‍?

– over 150 million active users as of December 2022
– young audience: more than 80% of the users are between the ages of 18 and 34
– 88.80% female users and 11.20% male users
– most of the users come from first-tier cities like Shanghai (10%) or Beijing (8.2%)
– 69% of Little Red Book users use the app to search for trends and make purchases

3. How can you use “Little Red Book” for growing your business in China? ?

– KOL marketing (Influencer marketing)
The platform relies on honest reviews from users so working with Chinese influencers is crucial to marketing your product.

– Official brand account
Having an official, verified account gives you access to the built-in KOL network, helps collect reviews of your products, and increases your brand credibility.

– Advertisements
Advertising is possible on the platform in the form of pop-ups and banners; however, it requires thorough verification to maintain the status of “honest review” that drives the platform.

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