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Managing international projects between China and Germany brings with it many special challenges rooted in cultural differences.

What are these challenges and how to deal with them?

One cultural difference that we experience in our daily work is the disparity in prioritization between fast innovation and stable quality.
Chinese companies typically emphasize innovation and fast progress, while German companies focus on ensuring high-quality outcomes at every stage of the project.

The Chinese drive for innovation is influenced by the highly competitive nature of Chinese society. This competitive environment fosters a culture of striving for innovation and new ideas, making it a high priority in their work processes. However, this emphasis on innovation does not imply that Chinese companies compromise on producing high-quality products. Instead, the difference lies in the work process.

The concept of „chabuduo“ plays a significant role in this context. „Chabuduo“ is a common expression used by Chinese to indicate that something is „good enough“ without the need for perfection. Chinese partners may be satisfied with „chabuduo“ results to move to the next step of the project, with the understanding that they can revisit and improve previous steps later on.

Overall, successful collaboration between Chinese and German companies requires navigating and finding a harmonious balance between the pursuit of innovation and the commitment to maintaining quality standards at each stage of the project.

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