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MFC helps clients recognize their opportunities in China and bring their international projects and business to success.

About MFC

MFC is a Berlin- and Beijing-based consulting company specializing in strategic cooperation between European businesses and China. With our deep understanding of international business practices, politics, markets and the economy, we help clients recognize opportunities in China and bring their international projects to success.

The professional team at MFC possesses extensive experience in bridging the gap between European and Chinese business environments, along with a deep understanding of Chinese business practices, politics, market trends, and the economy. By combining our profound understanding of the Chinese market with a client-centric approach, we deliver timely and efficient solutions that drive tangible results.

Contact us to realize your opportunities in China and Asia and achieve your business or project goals, as we work together to navigate market complexities and ensure your success in China.

  • China experts and problem solvers

  • Client-focused service providers

  • Cross-cultural bridge builders

  • Structured and goal-oriented, combined with pragmatism and speed

  • Trusted by numerous global brands and companies

Our story

2005-2010: Founding and Establishment of MFC

MFC was founded in 2005 in Beijing by its name-giver Marianne Friese. Building on prior experience in the field of communications and marketing, as well as her extensive China track record, she set out to provide specialised service consulting for international businesses to achieve success in the Chinese market. Ranging from naming & branding projects to corporate communications services, MFC has taken on a portfolio of assignments and formed strong relationships with its clients.

2011-2020: Consolidation as a German-Chinese Business Consulting Company

Having successfully led major projects for clients like Jägermeister, Siemens, VDMA, and more, MFC extends its services, emphasizing holistic business consulting for companies involved in global business including Europe and China. This enabled us to handle even larger projects, driven by a company DNA rooted in diversity and connectivity. Team members with diverse backgrounds and passports have been integral to MFC’s ongoing success.

2021-2023: Restructuring and Leadership Transition

In 2021, Dr. Anja Ketels joined the company and soon set out to lead MFC into the future. During the global slowdown on international business due to the Covid-19 pandemic, MFC restructured itself to be successfully positioned for future growth, emphasizing the empowerment of the team to foster innovation and collaboration. In this transitional phase, Marianne Friese Consulting turns into MFC and we re-defined our service portfolio and outreach strategies. With a new leadership duo and a fresh outlook, MFC is ready to maintain high-quality services for our clients and fostering growth and success for our company.

Today & Onward

MFC is a renowned consulting firm with a highly experienced team based in Germany and China and a global network of experts.

With clients from a broad variety of industries, we follow our mission to bridge cultures and facilitate international business success. Our team’s blend of local and international insights enables us to offer tailored, culturally sensitive solutions to our clients.

Our Team

At MFC, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. By leveraging the expertise of our international multi-lingual MFC consultants and utilizing our extensive international partner network, we allocate the finest tailor-made teams for each project and specific need. This ensures that you receive personalized solutions that are precisely aligned with your objectives.


Marianne Friese

Founder & CEO

With a background spanning from Germany and Europe to the US and China, Marianne embodies a global mind-set which propelled her international career. Armed with an engineering and business management degree, plus an M.A. in Communications supported by a Fulbright Scholarship in LA, she has worked in different international settings, eventually as a Partner in a US consultancy, running their global brand communications business as well as their company in Germany. Since relocating to China in 2001, she boasts two decades of on-the-ground experience, with a large portfolio of consulting projects in China. She founded MFC in 2005 and mastered its growth in quality and size with an impactful team and network in China and elsewhere in Asia. Her extensive experience in high-caliber consulting, coaching and project management in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US is the core value Marianne delivers to MFC’s international business and projects.


Dr. Anja Ketels


For around 15 years, Anja has been dedicated to fostering connections between Germany and China. She pursued studies in Chinese Studies and Social Sciences, culminating in a doctorate focused on China’s International Relations. Her academic journey included study and research stays at Peking University and Xi’an Jiaotong University. Fluent in German, Chinese, and English, she has successfully coordinated German-Chinese cooperation projects across various sectors, including science, production, R&D, marketing, and NGOs. As a certified project manager with extensive experience in German-Chinese cooperation and academic qualifications enabling thorough analyses and research, she leads and coordinates the team and projects at MFC. Driven by her passion for comprehending and communicating international perspectives, Anja drives MFC’s mission to bridge cultures and facilitate international business success.

Yue Zhang


After obtaining her degree in German Literature, Yue joined the MFC team in Beijing. She has actively participated in various intercultural projects and gained experience in diverse areas such as market research, branding, copywriting (in English and Chinese), translation, and communication. Yue serves as a reliable on-site contact for German client activities in China and supports MFC as a longstanding team member in ongoing projects in the region.


Ke Li


Ke is a native Chinese speaker who enriches MFC with international insights cultivated through extensive studies and work in Germany. With an academic background in international politics, she navigates the Chinese economic and political landscape adeptly, facilitating seamless business exchanges between Germany and China. At MFC, Ke consults German companies on international projects, harmonizing German directness with the nuances of Chinese languages and culture.

Valeriya Morozhnikova

Junior Consultant

Having studied in Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, and China, Valeriya brings a unique blend of cultural insights to the team. After graduating in China Studies, she plays an important role in fostering intercultural understanding and forging successful economic and cultural connections between Germany and China. Valeriya’s expertise at MFC spans market research, quality management, and project management.


Ewa Sommerfeld

Junior Consultant

With a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese-English philology and an ongoing pursuit of a Master’s in Modern China Studies, Ewa actively contributes to the team’s business development efforts. Specializing in enhancing our LinkedIn presence and managing our website, she seamlessly bridges linguistic gaps, being fluent in Polish, English, and Chinese. Her rich international experience includes volunteer work in China and living and studying in Taiwan, adding depth to her global perspective.


Elisabeth Pröbstl

Junior Consultant

Elisabeth studies Chinese Studies at Freie Universitaet Berlin as well as Cultural Studies at Humboldt University and is fluent in German, English and Chinese. Her academic background provides her with unique insights into Chinese society, economy and politics. She has deepened her intercultural experience through her volunteer work in Gansu, China, and her exchange studies at Zhejiang University. At MFC, she supports the team in the areas of marketing and public relations.


Yang Li

Office Manager

After many years of studying and deepening her understanding of German literature and culture, as well as gaining experience as an intercultural trainer, Yang joined the MFC team to further her mission of fostering bridges of connection. She has participated in international projects and teams, both in China and Germany. Her current role involves managing daily administrative tasks and providing valuable support for ongoing projects.

Leonie Schneider

Project Coordinator

Leonie is trained in Southeast Asian Studies and International Economics with a special focus on Indonesia. She brings seven years of Indonesia expertise and has working experience at the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesian, she currently works as project coordinator for MFC’s project facilitating the exchange of Indonesian nurses for the German healthcare market.

Guosheng Liu

Senior Consultant

Guosheng (Lukas) Liu studied German in China and Sinology in Germany and has lived between the two cultures for over 30 years. He founded and successfully managed various companies in Germany and China. As publisher of two German-Chinese newspapers and chairman of the Society for German-Chinese Understanding (GDCV e.V.), he has been actively contributing to cultural and economic exchange and better understanding between the two countries and cultures for eight years.

Mario Sorg

Senior Consultant

Mario arrived in China in 1992 and has called it home since 2000. As a multilingual German professional, he boasts a 25-year career in leading functions within diverse sectors including pharmaceutical supply chains, packaging and printing, tooling manufacturing, power supply, and food-related manufacturing. With expertise in intercultural management, Good Manufacturing Practice, Quality Management, and industrial production development, Mario serves as MFC’s dedicated representative in China, fostering strong collaborations with local partners.

Sarah Ma

Senior Consultant and Editor (Chinese)

Graduating from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (UIBE) with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Sarah commenced her career as a sales professional in a Chinese import and export company. Ten years later, she successfully managed her own business, which encompassed advertisement, publishing, and immigration consultation. With her rich experiences and knowledge from her live in China and New Zealand, Sarah supports the MFC team in Beijing as an editor and copywriter for Chinese texts. Additionally, our clients benefit from her expertise as an entrepreneur in China, with a focus on international clients.

Richard Burger

Senior Consultant and Editor (English)

With a Master’s degree in journalism and more than ten years experience overseeing public relations projects in Asia, Richard is responsible for overseeing quality control of MFC’s written materials and sharing insights on the Chinese market. He has many years of journalism experience, including two years as a New York Times editor and a year editing the Chinese newspaper Global Times. He has assisted clients with media training, copy writing and media relations in the US, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan and speaks English, Chinese and German.

Silke Meyer

Personal Assistant

With a professional training background as a dental technician and a successfully completed commercial training in healthcare of the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Silke brings a broad range of skills to the team. She has been working as a commercial employee in the healthcare sector for 13 years. Currently, she supports CEO Ms. Friese as a personal assistant. Thanks to her extensive experience and solid commercial knowledge, Silke is a valuable asset in organizational and administrative tasks.

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