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Siemens – World Expo Shanghai 2010 & Future Dialogue


Expo Communications Strategy
MF Consulting developed the Siemens Shanghai World Expo communications strategy in close cooperation with Siemens global headquarters, Siemens China and Siemens’ global lead agency. The team developed a message architecture based on Siemens’ on-site Expo involvement and its China-wide activities. These ‘touch-point-stories’ were the basis for the story angles and marketing materials. The team leveraged Siemens’ Global Partnership with the Expo to develop a wide range of tools, including a Siemens Expo microsite, a Siemens iPod-based self-guided tour, a Hospitality Center and a VIP Lounge, outdoor advertising, give-aways and more.


Expo Project Management
Acting as the China arm of the global lead agency regarding all project management tasks related to China, MF Consulting researched, collected and structured all relevant information for the project content. Most notably, MF Consulting added the necessary China expertise to ensure the relevance of all touch-point-stories with the target audiences in China. MF Consulting also delivered many hands-on services key to the success of the project’s implementation, such as facilitating equipment rental, sourcing and securing appropriate venues, and many other tactical and essential details.


Expo Speaker Placement
MF Consulting researched and provided consultation on events and conferences with focus on topics related to the Expo theme “Better city, better life”. MF Consulting identified and selected more than 60 events based on their match with the Siemens business units’ expertise. After further consultation, seven events were short-listed for participation, with MF Consulting providing all the details, rundowns and recommendations needed for tactical implementation.


Future Dialogue, Beijing
Siemens, working in close cooperation with the prestigious German scientific leadership organization Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and several other key supporters, organized a high-caliber conference in Beijing. MF Consulting supported the Siemens team in many areas, from speaker selection to managing an invitee list of over 3,000 international decision-makers and high-ranking China contacts. The trilingual MF Consulting team handled communications for the conference, which included copywriting for the event website and preparation of a wide array of materials. MF Consulting created the conference’s Chinese name as well as its multi-lingual logo, and delivered many more hands-on services to ensure a successful conference.


Employer Branding – HR Speaker Placement
MF Consulting delivered the consulting and research on speaker placement at events in China. High caliber events were identified according to target group, topic and media presence. An in-depth analysis of current and future speaker placements has been conducted followed by clear placement recommendations as well as comprehensive country-specific information. MF Consulting provided also background information on HR relevant activities and platforms.


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